Fox Business confuses Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV supporter interview

Interviewer realized something was wrong and closed the interview in less than 3 minutes.

Fox Business interviewed yesterday Jimmy Nguyen, a supporter of the Cryptomoeda Bitcoin SV (BSV), a copy of another copy of bitcoin that is said to be better than bitcoin. After two minutes with the interviewee weaving criticism to bitcoin, the interview seems to have been cancelled.

The bitcoin SV is one more of those coins that appear if you say „bitcoin 2.0“, a new way to get rich. As if that were not enough, bitcoin SV is a copy of bitcoin Cash, which is a copy of Bitcoin.

The truth is that currently there are more than 100 copies of Bitcoin that share their first name, the most famous are bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, bitcoin SV and bitcoin diamond.

The bizarre interview starts with the interviewer asking Nguyen if bitcoin is a currency or a reserve of value.

Nguyen is introduced as president of the Bitcoin Association. But the Bitcoin Association has nothing to do with Bitcoin, since it actually supports the bitcoin copy.

The difference between bitcoin and bitcoin SV is very clear when comparing market capitalization: Bitcoin is worth more than $ 350 billion in total, while BSV is worth 100 times less.

The Fox Business interview with Jimmy Nguyen lasted less than 3 minutes.

Nguyen took advantage of the question about bitcoin being a currency or a reserve of value to weave heavy criticism into digital currency.

He said bitcoin is not a currency, that it has high transaction fees and that nobody uses it as a currency. In addition, he said businesses are buying to stand still, and criticized PayPal for not allowing people to move bitcoin.

„Bitcoin is useless for daily transactions,“ said the supporter of bitcoin SV.

If he had a little more space he would probably promote his currency „better than bitcoin“.

The presenter seems to have no knowledge of the existence of bitcoin SV, and it seems that he found it strange a „bitcoin supporter“ talking so badly about bitcoin, and maybe because of this, realizing that there was something very wrong, he decided to end the interview.

Nguyen had the courage to share the interview on Twitter, so he ended up receiving some comments from people who know the history of bitcoin SV:

„Two years of testing and almost no economic value negotiated. […] What a shitty show.“

„It was very bad. nobody understood anything“

„The interview was about Bitcoin, not shitcoin, so they cut the clown“